TN Advisory

Richard Teo

Few years back I signed up insurance plans with aviva. Due to entity changes my policies were eventually assigned to Kelyn O who has followed up with me diligently, even walking me through for clarity my plans signed with a predecessor. Recently I was administered a stent during an Angioplasty procedure for my blocked artery. Kelyn offered me her advice and assisted me in processing a living claim based on my medical condition and my claim was successful. Kelyn has given me the believe that signing up an insurance plan is not all about just paying premiums but where applicable insurance claims can be made as in my case, which is also main reason why anyone takes up any insurance plan. Some agents I know will only contact clients to propose new ins plans. I would like to thank Kelyn for her dedication, helpfulness and offering of her value add services as my insurance advisor and would highly recommend her to potential clients.